Phew, I think we’re the first ones to give you all a relaton from the DH 2012! It’s quite busy here, especially at the Registration desk.

It’s already after the coffee break and we’re back in Room 122 for the next part of the the “Crowdsourcing meaning: a hands-on introduction to CLÉA, the Collaborative Literature Éxploration and Annotation Environment” workshop. The participants are trying to figure out how to use CLÉA\CATMA tool on their own texts. We’re tagging, searching and clicking away.

As you can see, student assistants are twice as busy as the rest of the group, because we are also taking pictures, as well as blogging and tweeting…

The leaders of the workshop, namely from the right: Evelyn Gius, Marco Petris and Lena Schüch, look really satisfied, don’t they?

Pictures: Elena Dergacheva (#ed); post: Dagmara Hadyna (#dkh)