Tagging of the text is something more than meets the eye, it’s not just the technological operation, it can be a form of text understanding and interpretation. CLEA/CATMA project presented at Digital Humanities 2012 conference in Germany helps to grasp the meaning hidden between the lines by creating, recreating and analyzing the tags. How do the tags add value to narrativity line especially when it concerns music and conflictology? Marco Petris, Evelyn Gius and Lena Meister from the University of Hamburg give voice to the texts using advanced CATMA technology.

The workshop “Crowdsourcing meaning: a hands-on introduction to CLEA” shed light on the new paradigm in the semantic markup with the potential to analyse both the object data and the metadata. Built on Java with SQL database repository CATMA program gives you the way to work collaboratively while tagging the texts and analyzing them. And the most important thing is the ease of use that the program offers, according to the feedback of the users. The user creates any possible query to track the “behavior” of the words, phrases, their interconnection and influence on the context as a whole. Among various functionalities there are tools for the automation of such processes as data collection, correction and automation; text reviews and many others.

The illustration of CATMA success can be narrativity of conflict and song lyrics, the research UofH presenters are doing. The creation of special narratological tagsets within CATMA helped researchers to investigate the chronological order and logic of conflict, interpretation of the object and subject’s stand points, speech representation – the way conflicts are quoted, narrated and transposed. CATMA also succeeded in the musical dimension or narrativity of song lyrics to be more exact. The research goes round the two tagsets “narrativity” (textual level) and “musical discourse” (musical level), their dialogue or “conflict” and its influence on the perception of the song. Like a friendship of nice text and music in any good song the combination of cute mind and technology leads to new discoveries in the digital humanities. CLEA/CATMA is a good example of such combination.

Interested in crowdsourcing? Follow this link to get a full picture of CLEA/CATMA  

Elena D.