Some pictures have been added to the Flickr-site: Tomorrow even more photos will follow. If there is a certain one you like (or don’t like or want to tell something about) leave a comment on Flickr.

But the “best” of all pictures I want to show you right now and here. I call this photo-artwork “A photographer desperately fighting with a flowerpot”.

(click for original size)

This ugly thing was really driving me crazy. No matter from which perspective I was trying to take pictures of the speakers, the flowerpot was always in between. Almost as if it was walking around on the conference table to intentionally prevent me from shooting anything else.

And… you noticed theses litte… “antennas” growing out of it?! I don’t find a better word – I’m sorry, my english vocabulary doesn’t contain a word that matches these purple things. I don’t even find one in my mother tongue. What for god’s sake is that? If a biologist is reading this by chance, please leave a comment and help us.

Whatever it is, the florist seems to have a special sense of humour (:

Or.. could it be… small purple-haired aliens hiding in the flowerpots to spy on our conference o: